Demonstrate Good Behavior


Demonstrate good behavior.  How you live your life is sending a message to everyone around you, especially to your children.

Your personal power is in what you do, not in what you say.  I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”.  Isn’t that the truth?  Are you happy and kind to others?  Do you gossip about others behind their back?  Do you proclaim that life is hard?  You see, how you behave in every situation around your children and how you treat others sends a very strong message about who you are.  What’s even more noteworthy is that it is in a child’s nature to pay close attention to the behavior that you demonstrate and to imitate your behavior.  Why?  It is an expression of a child’s love for you.  Children want to make us happy and show us love.  One way that children know how to express love is to simply behave as we do.

We are here, at Joy Kids Universe, to help you demonstrate to the children in your life that you are a force for positive change in the world.  The best place to start an avalanche of happiness is by demonstrating good behavior.  Don’t demonstrate a behavior of highlighting challenges.  Do demonstrate a behavior of creating solutions.  This is what you want to show your children.  This is what they will imitate.

I recently went to a seminar given by one of our Joy Kids Universe Advisory Board

Paint Brightly Every Daymembers Karen Garvey.  Karen is a wonderful light.  A person of excellence who is a shining example of how to live a life filled with uplifting action and purpose.  During the seminar Karen had two canvases hanging on the front wall.  One was a blank, white canvas and the other was a blank, black canvas.  Karen had one, purple marker in her hand.  The purple marker could leave a mark on either of the canvases.  But the only marks that could be seen were the marks on the white canvas.  What Karen was demonstrating was that when we choose to act on negativity and hardship and challenge we are, in essence, ’painting’ on a black canvas.  No matter how many times we ‘paint’ on a black canvas however, none of our brilliance can be seen.  On the contrary, when we choose to act on positivity and prosperity and wonder we are ‘painting’ on a white canvas for all the world to see our magnificence!  So let me ask you, what color is the canvas that your children are seeing you ’paint’ on?

Sometimes we are sent into unhappy places, not to ‘paint’ on a muted canvas, but rather to make a difference or to demonstrate positive and good behavior.  We cannot ‘paint’ on a child’s canvas, but we can demonstrate through our own behavior how we ‘paint’ on our own canvas.  We can project our brightly colored canvas towards any child’s canvas and shine a little light in their direction.  Sometimes love and compassion is all that is needed.

There is no need to offer your spoken advice when your are not being asked for it.  Just keep ‘painting’ your canvas with joy.  Love can never backfire.  When a child is ready to shift towards happier tomorrows they will choose to ‘paint’ as you do on a brighter canvas because they will want to live the way you have demonstrated your consistent, happy behavior.  Keep doing the right thing.  Keep being respectful.  Children will come across your path that need your light.  You can be kind.  You can be a positive influence in their life.  Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  When you take time to ‘paint’ brightly in unhappy places, that is when your light has the greatest intensity.  Talk is cheap. Your actions are valuable.  Demonstrate good behavior.

Always give your best.  Let your actions do the talking.  ‘Paint’ brightly every day!

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By, Joanne Henig, President / Co-Founder / Author / #selflove #sharethejoy #evolution

Kindness Towards Others


Today I’d like for us to think about how we can be thoughtful and compassionate towards others.

Let’s go ahead and make someone else’s day and in return let’s receive the uplifting rewards that will surely be returned to us ten-fold.  Small acts of kindness allows for peace to travel deep into our being.  And peace is what we all seek for our lives.

You don’t have to look very far or try very hard to find ways to be good to others.  It’s perfectly fine to be kind to someone you don’t even know.  You may want to consider offering compassion towards someone that has become so familiar to you, like your spouse, sibling or a parent, whom you may have unintentionally taken for granted from time to time.

You will feel great delight in your heart, particularly when acts of thoughtfulness

Be thoughtful and compassionate towards others.

Be thoughtful and compassionate towards others.

become a daily habit. Don’t wait for a special occasion.  Ordinary days can be transformed into extraordinary days when little moments of thoughtfulness are gifted to others.  Be the shift in someone else’s day.  Be a bright light in a world shrouded in fear.  Others will wonder why you’re always smiling.  Why you’re always on the winning side of life.  You will know why and you can show others why; with your actions.  A simple act of kindness can change someone’s day for the better.  By planting seeds of kindness into someone else’s day you will, in affect, be growing acres of kindness across the far reaches humanity.

The more you are kind to others the more others will be kind to you.  If you want to reach your grandest self you have to be good to others.  Great abundance will be returned to you in many forms.  Love.  Friendship.  Career.  And so much more.

We were created to create.  In other words, we are not here to sit around and wait for good circumstances to come to us.  We are here to create our circumstances.  If you enjoy being treated warmly with expressions of love, then you must offer warm expressions of love.

A ‘me, me, me’ attitude is a selfish attitude and will return nothing but isolation.  A ‘we, we, we’ attitude is a selfless attitude and will return nothing but blessings.  If you are seeking a lifetime of happiness, be good to others.

Our children can learn so much from our examples of thoughtfulness, compassion, kindness and of giving to others.  In fact, one of the first lessons we teach children is to share.  Share a toy, for example.  It is not that your child is not deserving of the toy.  But when we ask our children to share their toys what we are really asking them to do is be thoughtful to others, to be compassionate, to be kind and to be a giver.

As we roll into the holiday season, let’s remember to be thoughtful and compassionate towards others.  More importantly, when the holiday season is over, continue to practice thoughtfulness and compassion each day so that it becomes a habit ingrained deep in your being.  Not only will your life be blessed with great abundance, but the lives of others will expand with great joy as well.

Happy holidays!

Do you have some thoughts of your own on this topic?  Please leave your comments below.

By, Joanne Henig, President / Co-Founder / Author / #evolution

Living In Gratitude


Many Share The Joy readers have a similar commitment to living a life of purpose and self-improvement.  One central component towards living this type of lifestyle is gratitude, or practicing gratefulness.  Although gratitude is an easy concept to understand, it is not always easy to put into practice or to even ‘live’ every day.  Unfortunately many of you have days and moments where you ‘believe’ that the circumstances surrounding your day determines your mood or has you behaving poorly.  However, even in those misaligned moments there are always reasons for gratitude.

Gratitude is simply finding appreciation in your surroundings, showing kindness towards all things on Earth and taking time to express thanks.

Demonstrating gratitude while in the company of children helps a child learn to live in gratitude. It builds a firm foundation and is a life-skill that will carry them far beyond their wildest dreams.  More importantly, your child will go through life with great purpose stemming from gratitude rather than just existing as part of the ‘norm’.

family_gratitudeThink of all the things in your life that you can express gratitude towards.  Your home or apartment, your friends, your parents, your co-workers, your morning coffee or tea, your senses, your child!  All things, both large and small, have the ability to attract gratitude into your heart.

Let me challenge you.  For the next 7 days, until my next post, I challenge you to create a life of gratitude together with your children and to perform acts of gratitude openly towards all things on Earth in the company of your children.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, aunt, uncle or in the presence of a child – purposefully express gratitude for all to see and hear.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but remember, this challenge is for 7 days so choose wisely ‘grasshopper’.  Strong ‘grasshoppers’ may choose all 4!

1.) Write down or speak of 5 things daily that you are grateful for each night before you turn out the lights.

2.) Inspire one person each day to push through a moment of difficulty.

3.) Explore a new place or idea each day.

4.) Both you and your child share this challenge with a friend.

Do you want to make meaningful change in the world?  Do you hope for your child to be part of the Joy Kids Generation?  This is where it all begins.  With gratitude.  You are a superior world changer when you demonstrate gratitude in the company of a child and when that child brings that attitude of gratitude into the world around them.

Do you have some thoughts of your own on this topic? Please leave your comments below.

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By, Joanne Henig, Co-Founder
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