Create “Smiles for Kids” – Support Joybug Visits to Pediatric Hospitals

SW Florida based Joy Kids Universe, is a company dedicated to instilling a foundation of gratitude, compassion, self-love and joy for all children.  In this Smiles For Kids Campaign, we are inviting our friends and colleagues to become a valuable supporter of our joy-inspiring Joybug visits to the bedsides of young patients in pediatric hospitals. Joybug comes directly from the pages of “The Joyful Universe of Casey Rose & Joybug” book series.

These visits will bring much needed smiles and moments of relief from the emotional and physical stresses of illness in young patients, their family members and caregivers.  Complementary books are  given to the children, as well as story-time readings of the book.  Joybug visits encourage smiles and positive feelings to help enhance a patient’s healing power to the fullest.

The $5,200 in funds raised will greatly support:
1. A year of bedside visits by Joybug to children in pediatric hospitals.
2. Complementary books for each child, authored by one of the founding partners of Joy Kids Universe, titled “The Joyful Universe of Casey Rose, A Happy Joybug Story”.
3. Much needed expansion of Joy Kids Universe “Smiles For Kids” campaign.

We thank you for your sponsorship and support of Joy Kids Universe’s mission of “Spreading Ripples Of Joy All Over The World”.

With much gratitude and appreciation,

Joy Kids Universe, Pediatric Hospital Patients, Families & Caregivers
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