Demonstrate Good Behavior


Demonstrate good behavior.  How you live your life is sending a message to everyone around you, especially to your children.

Your personal power is in what you do, not in what you say.  I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”.  Isn’t that the truth?  Are you happy and kind to others?  Do you gossip about others behind their back?  Do you proclaim that life is hard?  You see, how you behave in every situation around your children and how you treat others sends a very strong message about who you are.  What’s even more noteworthy is that it is in a child’s nature to pay close attention to the behavior that you demonstrate and to imitate your behavior.  Why?  It is an expression of a child’s love for you.  Children want to make us happy and show us love.  One way that children know how to express love is to simply behave as we do.

We are here, at Joy Kids Universe, to help you demonstrate to the children in your life that you are a force for positive change in the world.  The best place to start an avalanche of happiness is by demonstrating good behavior.  Don’t demonstrate a behavior of highlighting challenges.  Do demonstrate a behavior of creating solutions.  This is what you want to show your children.  This is what they will imitate.

I recently went to a seminar given by one of our Joy Kids Universe Advisory Board

Paint Brightly Every Daymembers Karen Garvey.  Karen is a wonderful light.  A person of excellence who is a shining example of how to live a life filled with uplifting action and purpose.  During the seminar Karen had two canvases hanging on the front wall.  One was a blank, white canvas and the other was a blank, black canvas.  Karen had one, purple marker in her hand.  The purple marker could leave a mark on either of the canvases.  But the only marks that could be seen were the marks on the white canvas.  What Karen was demonstrating was that when we choose to act on negativity and hardship and challenge we are, in essence, ’painting’ on a black canvas.  No matter how many times we ‘paint’ on a black canvas however, none of our brilliance can be seen.  On the contrary, when we choose to act on positivity and prosperity and wonder we are ‘painting’ on a white canvas for all the world to see our magnificence!  So let me ask you, what color is the canvas that your children are seeing you ’paint’ on?

Sometimes we are sent into unhappy places, not to ‘paint’ on a muted canvas, but rather to make a difference or to demonstrate positive and good behavior.  We cannot ‘paint’ on a child’s canvas, but we can demonstrate through our own behavior how we ‘paint’ on our own canvas.  We can project our brightly colored canvas towards any child’s canvas and shine a little light in their direction.  Sometimes love and compassion is all that is needed.

There is no need to offer your spoken advice when your are not being asked for it.  Just keep ‘painting’ your canvas with joy.  Love can never backfire.  When a child is ready to shift towards happier tomorrows they will choose to ‘paint’ as you do on a brighter canvas because they will want to live the way you have demonstrated your consistent, happy behavior.  Keep doing the right thing.  Keep being respectful.  Children will come across your path that need your light.  You can be kind.  You can be a positive influence in their life.  Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  When you take time to ‘paint’ brightly in unhappy places, that is when your light has the greatest intensity.  Talk is cheap. Your actions are valuable.  Demonstrate good behavior.

Always give your best.  Let your actions do the talking.  ‘Paint’ brightly every day!

Do you have some thoughts of your own on this topic?  Please leave your comments below.

By, Joanne Henig, President / Co-Founder / Author / #selflove #sharethejoy #evolution

Patient Parenting


I’ve never pretended to be the most patient in relation to parenting – but it was always one of my goals.  As a result, once dedicated to patience I slowly morphed into a fairly patient parent and raised some pretty amazing kids who are now productive adults.  Every parent loses their patience.  It is unavoidable and it is part of our humanness.  Our children are not perfect and neither are we as parents.

I believe that patience can be developed over time just like any other habit.  Good habits require your attention to ultimately see them manifest into your reality.  What better a habit could there be than to become a patient parent?

Here are some techniques that may guide your parenting skills towards patience:

Count to ten.  This is an easy one.  When you feel frustrated or angry, pause. Count slowly, in your head, to ten.  When you’ve reach the number ten you will notice that you have given yourself room to pause, reassess a situation and your anger will have subsided a great deal.  If things are really out of control, add deep breathing while counting to ten in your head.  Breathe away every ounce of anger until it has left the room.

Here’s another one.  Try keeping a notepad nearby and write down any situations that are causing you to parent in a non-patient manner.  Notice if you see a pattern of behavior from either you or your child that is creating impulsive, angry responses.  This will assist you in developing ways to avoid bad reaction behavior patterns or situations that cause bad behavior in the first place.

How about a time out for the child.  A break for you.  You all may just need to take a break from the situation for a few minutes.  Everybody just calm down.  As a parent, during this break, plan your words, actions and decisions.  Reconnect with your child and calmly talk through the situation.  Finish with a hug.

Never stop teaching with love and compassion in your heart.  Our children mimic us.  Therefore, if you are aggressive in your parenting approach your child will reflect that pattern of behavior right back at you.  Remember, non of us learn things on our first try.  Find new ways to teach with love and compassion and patience.

Laugh.  Smile.  Let go.  Nobody is perfect, you have to enjoy this time with our kids.  Life should be fun – and funny.  Be happy.

Do you have some tips of your own on developing patience? Let us know in the comments.

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