Your Child Is Not Your “Friend”

There has been much debate on whether or not your child should be your “friend”. Just what does being a “friend” to your child mean? It boils down to the responsibilities of a parent as compared to those of a friend. Consider the following factors.

The relationship of a parent to a child is fixed. Whether the child was born of the parent, or adopted, the child is part of a family unit and all that it entails. The physical and emotional relationship between parent and child goes far beyond the relationship with others who do not belong to the family.

The relationship of a friend to a friend is variable. It all depends on the friends involved, and the nature of their friendship. For some it may be deep, like Casey Rose and The Joybug. For others it may be superficial. A friendship may start on a very casual basis, with little or no mutual obligations. Gradually, it may deepen as the friends get to know each other better. Or, it may peter out.

The responsibilities of a parent towards the child are clear and well-defined. There is a certain minimum of obligations which a parent must fulfill towards a child under its loving a childcare.  Among these are the proper care and nurture of a child, and to love a child without judgement. This includes the feeding, clothing, sheltering and protection of the child. It encompasses the education of the child, and the development of the right attitudes and sense of values.

The responsibilities of a friend can be flexible. This, again, depends upon the nature of the friendship. There are certain responsibilities of a parent that a friend is not obliged, or expected, to bear. If a friend chooses to take on these responsibilities, that is purely optional.

The responsibilities of a parent and a friend may overlap or even conflict. This is especially true in the case of discipline. Every parent is expected to discipline the child properly to ensure its proper development. On the other hand no friend is expected to discipline the other friend.

In short, while some characteristics of friendship may be helpful in the relationship of a child with its parent, being simply a “friend” to your child will be falling short of your obligations as a parent. Hop on board The Joy Kids Express for more joyful tips.


10 Ways To Have Fun With Kids

Having fun with kids isn’t as formidable a challenge as it seems. Children, by nature, are curious, inquisitive, eager to learn new things. Fun activities should involve not just play,but also the chance to learn freely and joyfully something different each day. Here are 10 things Joy Kids Universe suggests.

  • Visit the library – It’s the opposite of a playground atmosphere. Teach the child about books, reading, and how the library system works.
  • Bake a cake – Or cook a special dish. You’ll give the child an important skill, and introduce him to different tastes.
  • Go to a museum – Here’s your chance to ease the child into the world of art and artifacts. Explain about peoples, places and cultures.
  • Take a trip to a zoo or pet shop – Children love animals. Use the time to talk about responsible pet care.

    10 Ways To Have Fun With Kids

    10 Ways To Have Fun With Kids

  • Make something together while learning along the way. Whether it’s a snowman, a Lego figure, blanket fort, or a bird house.
  • Plant a tree – Make it your child’s special plant and give your child the responsibility to look after it.
  • Watch a play – If there’s a special theater performance, that’s even better. Tell the child what the play is all about before watching it.
  • Do community work – Pick up litter at the park, visit a home for the aged or an orphanage, help at a soup kitchen. Show your child the value of social responsibility.
  • Open a bank account – Teach your child about money, how banks work, and how important it is to save.
  • Go on a camping trip – Pick a spot where you’ll just not have fun but also learn important survival skills.

Always remember to imagine brightly to create joyful feelings every day.  Joy is the most powerful force in the Universe!

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