Precious Gifts


Your family is a precious gift.  Think about your life without family.  Your husband or your wife.  Your children.  Your parents.  Your siblings.  Your cousins, aunts and uncles.  Your grandparents.  How empty would your world be without these precious gifts in your life?  Do you tell your family that you love and appreciate them?  If so, how often?  If not, why not?

One of the primary components required for developing healthy family relationships, is thechristmas-present-83119_960_720 expression of admiration towards one another.  Not just when a special occasion arrives, like a birthday or a holiday, but every day.  Every day is a new day and a chance to speak loving thoughts to those that you care about the most.  Can anyone tire from hearing ‘I love you’ or ‘You are beautiful’?  No.  I don’t believe so.  Understand that your expressions of admiration build a fortress that helps guard relationships against difficult times.  Every family faces difficult moments.  Protect your family with a fortress of love.

Your family needs to regularly hear your compliments.  Stay focused on their individual strengths.  Tell each of them what makes you proud of them … today.  Tell each of them what makes you grateful that you have them in your life – today.  Keep speaking your praise towards them and watch what happens.  THEY will achieve greater goals in their lives.  THEY will begin speaking praise over others, including praise over you.

If you cannot find anything complimentary to say, don’t say anything at all.  Smile upon your loved one. Wait until the storm passes within you.  When it does, proceed with expressing your love and your appreciation for them.

Set the example.  Treat your family with respect.  Watch over your children by giving them your undivided attention.  You will unwrap many gifts this holiday season.  Unwrap your most precious gifts, your family, with love and care.

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By, Joanne Henig, President / Co-Founder / Author / #evolution


You Are Good Enough


Imbedded in our parental DNA are traits from our own childhood upbringing.  If you take a moment and listen carefully you can almost hear your mother firmly suggesting that you ‘be quiet’ or your father impatiently demanding that you ‘sit down and finish your dinner’.

How many times have you told your child that she’s too noisy or too energetic?  Or perhaps your child is pensive and you announce to your friend that ‘she’s so shy’ or maybe that ‘it takes her a while to get used to new people’.

The above examples may seem like ordinary interactions between parent and child.  But to a child, this type of exchange slowly robs children of their desire to express themselves freely, they begin to develop feelings of imperfection and start dwelling in the land of misbelief in the form of ‘I’m not good enough.’

good_enoughYou may be thinking that I’m exaggerating a child’s feelings based on a few harmless and necessary directives.  But repetitive ‘corrections’ that dampen a young child’s creativity and free expression often produces teens who look for approval with everything in their life and tend to follow the crowd, leaving independent thought kicked to the curb.

Even before she speaks her first words, your child is good enough.  She is good enough to cry out when she is hungry.  She is good enough to take her first steps.  She is good enough to ride her first bike.  She is good enough to make little decisions from what shoes to wear with her shorts to when to put down the fork and stop eating.

It is a good idea to allow children to comfortably express their true feelings.  They are not the feelings of their friends or their parents, but their own.  They are independent feelings, regardless of what other people think.  True feelings are good enough feelings.

Demonstrate with your words and behavior, multiple times a day, how much you truly love your child.  Giving unconditional love is the greatest way for your child to establish a strong knowing that she is good enough.  Let us help you share positive moments with your child with our weekly Joy Kids Express or follow Joy Kids Universe on Pinterest for the latest Joy Kids Joy Tips. With a built-in ‘good enough’ compass she will grow into a very confident, compassionate, vibrant adult.

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By, Joanne Henig, Co-Founder
Joy Kids Universe, LLC
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Teaching Your Child Teamwork

As Casey Rose and the Joybug know, everyone needs to learn teamwork, and childhood is the best time to start. Many activities have been devised to teach children teamwork and make it fun in the process. These activities are easily accessible online for free. One good source is In general, these team building activities fall into these categories.  daily_joytip_16

  • Games for children, as individuals or in groups are a great way to share the joy together. They highlight the benefits of teamwork through play, and demonstrate that in order to succeed, you must work together.
  • Arts and crafts projects is the Joybug’s favorite category. These activities encourage children to use their artistic skills as a team, in order to produce items like T-shirts, pictograms, quilts, and other things that require cooperative efforts.
  • Literary projects. Creating stories, poems, posters and other items through group effort is used to teach children how to cooperate with each other in achieving creative results.
  • Problem-solving exercises. This type of activity involves getting children to create and solve problems, and develop critical thinking. Coming up with options and solutions through teamwork is an important part of activities in this category.

While most team building activities for children are done in school, many of these can be used at home, or in the neighborhood to foster cooperation among children, and reinforce what they learn in the classroom.

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