Children Teach Us To “Just Breathe”


Joy Kids Universe is happy to share this informative video by filmmaker Julia Bayer Salzman.  As Julia explains, “If my son was learning about this, it only made sense that I should learn too.”

The inspiration for “Just Breathe” first came about a little over a year ago when Julia overheard her then 5-year-old son talking with his friend about how emotions affect different regions of the brain, and how to calm down by taking deep breaths — all things they were beginning to learn in Kindergarten at their new school, Citizens of the World Charter School, in Mar Vista, CA. I was surprised and overjoyed to witness first-hand just how significant social-emotional learning in an elementary school curriculum was on these young minds. The following year, I decided to take a 6-week online course on Mindfulness through Mindful Schools, figuring that if my son was learning about this, it only made sense that I should learn too. Within the first week, I felt the positive effects of this practice take root not only on my own being but in my relationships with others.

As a filmmaker, Julia is always interested in finding a subject worthy of filming, and she felt strongly that mindfulness was a necessary concept to communicate visually. Thankfully her husband, who happens to be her filmmaking partner, agreed. They made “Just Breathe” with their son, his classmates and their family members one Saturday afternoon. The film is entirely unscripted – what the kids say is based purely on their own neuro-scientific understanding of difficult emotions, and how they cope through breathing and meditation.

They, in turn, are teaching us all, just watch ….

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Creating Positive Energy In Your Home

To bring positive energy into your home, you need to get rid of the negative energy that is there. To make room for positive energy, or “Chi”, here are some joyful tips from Joy Kids Universe.


  • Get rid of the clutter to promote positive and happy emotions. Stuff you don’t need, and things made of toxic materials create negative energy. Throw away or donate old newspapers and magazines. Don’t leave dirty clothes and dishes lying around for negative energy to stick to.
  • Clean up to live carefree and harmoniously. Whenever you clean your home, you are bringing positive energy into the space. This includes walls, windows, curtains, carpets and furniture. Organize things and put everything in its proper place.
  • Let the fresh air in to create joyful feelings everyday. Open your windows and let fresh air flow throughout the house. However, if you live in a highly-polluted area, find a way to get good ventilation without letting polluted air into the house.
  • Move furniture around. Rearranging furniture disrupts the flow of negative energy. Keep wide, open spaces between pieces of furniture to disperse negative energy.
  • Practice daily meditation. Set aside a space in your home where you can meditate every day. Meditation, when practiced well and regularly, radiates strong positive energy throughout the home and counters any negative energy present.
  • Liven up the place. Put plants to add life and color to your home. Some Feng Shui practices include putting bowls of sea salt in open spaces, and lighting incense or scented candles in the rooms.

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Meditate With Your Children

Have Fun Meditating With Your Children

Bonding with your kids usually brings to mind a day at the beach, watching a ball game, or even playing video games together. But, how about step out of the box and meditate? If you’ve found it helpful in your life, why not bring your kids into it as well. Teaching your child to practice meditation can promote positive and happy emotions.


  • Think like a child. Forget the lofty descriptions and explain meditation to your child in his own words. The more you make meditating sound like a fun activity, the better your child will enjoy it. Create meditation techniques without limits to imagining happy and joyful thoughts. Joy Kids Universe believes your child will understand and relate to meditation more on a Casey Rose level.
  • Show your child how it’s done. Sitting comfortably, breathing properly, and other meditation practices are best learned by your child if he sees how you do it. When your child sees how calm and happy you are, he’ll want to imitate what you’re doing more readily.
  • Make it a family routine. When your child associates meditation as a way of bringing you together as a family, she’ll look forward to it as a special time, and a chance to get closer to each other.

Casey Rose and The Joy Bug believe meditation is a great way to for your kids to learn about the right values. It will help them deal with the challenges and stress that they encounter and will face throughout their lives.


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