Make Cleaning Up Fun For Your Kids

my-cleaning-trolleyFun isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you ask your kids to help clean up the house. That’s why it’s referred to as a household “chore”. But, there are some things you can do to turn the drudgery of house cleaning into a fun time. Here are some ideas from Joy Kids Universe.

• Make believe – Some imaginative moms dress themselves and their daughters up and pretend they’re playing Cinderella. Or, they pretend they’re filming cleaning TV commercials, and mouth their impromptu lines while they’re cleaning.

• Turn it into a game – Section off areas of the house and challenge the kids to clean up the most sections in the fastest time. Make sure that everyone who did a good job gets a reward.

• Break the job down into simple tasks – Don’t dump an entire cleaning operation on a child. Instead, separate the job into individual tasks and ask the child to do one task at a time. Make sure to match the task to the child’s capabilities.

• Use clean-up time to teach your child generosity – Cleaning up is a good opportunity to segregate stuff you and your child no longer need. You can teach your child about donating the stuff to charity. Casey Rose and the Joybug believe this will teach compassion for others and gratitude for what they have.

• Help kids learn while they clean – Use cleaning time to teach your kids about colors, shapes, and other basic things. For instance, ask them to pick up blue things, or store squares. It’s also a good time to teach them how to use basic tools and cleaning implements. It teaches them to learn freely and joyfully each day.

• Set up a regular cleaning schedule – Explain to your kids why you need the schedule, what you expect, and what the time frames are. Ask for their suggestions. Turn it into a running contest with prizes every month, every semester, and an annual grand prize like a weekend at a beach resort for everyone.

Creating Happy Childhoods

What makes your childhood a happy one?

The Irish writer John Connolly put it very vividly when he wrote: “For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.” That’s why a happy and joyful childhood is so important for your child to become a happy adult. But what goes into the making of a happy childhood? Research has shown, and Joy Kids Universe believe that it’s not so much the childhood events that make a happy childhood; it’s how you perceive them as an adult. Here’s what’s important when you look back on your childhood.


  1. Social activities count more. The impression of a happy childhood stems more from social activities than from solitary ones. Having a party on special occasions creates an impression of a happy childhood, whereas getting toys or games does not. Likewise, bonding with family members contributes more to the impression of a happy childhood than things like playing video games or hiking and fishing. Live life joyfully!
  2. Peer acceptance matters. Even the way childhood problems are looked at involves the social aspect. Having health or school problems as a child are not viewed as an unhappy childhood. However, quarreling parents, being bullied, or left out leave an impression of an unhappy childhood. Casey Rose is so happy to have the Joybug by her side!
  3. Sharing = Happiness. The research shows that not making the team, or receiving an award don’t matter so much. For a grownup, it’s more how these were shared with, and appreciated by family and friends that make for a happy childhood.
  4. Remember, thinking happy thoughts is easy!  Ask Casey Rose and the Joybug!


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