Precious Gifts


Your family is a precious gift.  Think about your life without family.  Your husband or your wife.  Your children.  Your parents.  Your siblings.  Your cousins, aunts and uncles.  Your grandparents.  How empty would your world be without these precious gifts in your life?  Do you tell your family that you love and appreciate them?  If so, how often?  If not, why not?

One of the primary components required for developing healthy family relationships, is thechristmas-present-83119_960_720 expression of admiration towards one another.  Not just when a special occasion arrives, like a birthday or a holiday, but every day.  Every day is a new day and a chance to speak loving thoughts to those that you care about the most.  Can anyone tire from hearing ‘I love you’ or ‘You are beautiful’?  No.  I don’t believe so.  Understand that your expressions of admiration build a fortress that helps guard relationships against difficult times.  Every family faces difficult moments.  Protect your family with a fortress of love.

Your family needs to regularly hear your compliments.  Stay focused on their individual strengths.  Tell each of them what makes you proud of them … today.  Tell each of them what makes you grateful that you have them in your life – today.  Keep speaking your praise towards them and watch what happens.  THEY will achieve greater goals in their lives.  THEY will begin speaking praise over others, including praise over you.

If you cannot find anything complimentary to say, don’t say anything at all.  Smile upon your loved one. Wait until the storm passes within you.  When it does, proceed with expressing your love and your appreciation for them.

Set the example.  Treat your family with respect.  Watch over your children by giving them your undivided attention.  You will unwrap many gifts this holiday season.  Unwrap your most precious gifts, your family, with love and care.

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By, Joanne Henig, President / Co-Founder / Author / #evolution


When Challenged, Allow Appreciation In!


There are times in our life when we all get tired, discouraged or become challenged.

We may be living in the house of our dreams, working at a well paying job that we sought after, and we may have family that we love all around us.  But sometimes we let fatigue set in and take control over our lives.  We dwell on popular buzzwords like overworked, drained, annoyed and even bored.

When we permit such toxic buzzwords to settle into our conversation they also settle into our mindset.  We suddenly find ourselves backing off of those things that give us joy.  And we plant seeds around our neighbors, coworkers and family that leave an impression that we lack desire.  We infect them with our toxicity.

When we are challenged by a long day at work, plenty of chores at home, or with a child that is sick; we can allow these things to consume us.  We can allow these things to captivate us.  However, we can choose to avoid the power that exhaustion has over us and instead build on the benefit of its challenge.

We can choose to put on a new attitude.  Become determined to remain in appreciation

Let Joy In

Let Joy In

and joy.  We can recognize that we have worked so hard and have already reaped such great rewards.  We will not allow all the goodness in our lives to be overshadowed by toxic buzzwords.   Instead of complaining we could be saying, “I know it’s only a passing storm.  I’ll be sailing on calmer seas in no time!”

The way things currently are in your life is temporary.  Keep your joy and enthusiasm, even during tough times.  Develop some positive self-talk.  Speak those positive words out loud.  “I enjoy working hard.  I am contributing to society.”  “I may have my sleep disrupted, but I gain an opportunity to bond with my child when I offer him comfort in the middle of the night.”  “Keeping up with the house maintenance is a pleasure because it makes my family proud to invite new friends into our home.”

Be grateful that you have challenges.  That means that you have a life filled with hope and promise.  The way you navigate through your challenges allows your co-workers, family, neighbors and friends an opportunity to learn something about your character.  Do you want them to learn that you are a complainer and a quitter?  Or would you rather have them know that they can lean on you when they are sailing through rough seas?

Always be your best.  Always do your best.  Always think your best.  Always speak your best.   Because dear joy-seeker, you are the best!

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By, Joanne Henig, President / Co-Founder / Author / #evolution

Living In Gratitude


Many Share The Joy readers have a similar commitment to living a life of purpose and self-improvement.  One central component towards living this type of lifestyle is gratitude, or practicing gratefulness.  Although gratitude is an easy concept to understand, it is not always easy to put into practice or to even ‘live’ every day.  Unfortunately many of you have days and moments where you ‘believe’ that the circumstances surrounding your day determines your mood or has you behaving poorly.  However, even in those misaligned moments there are always reasons for gratitude.

Gratitude is simply finding appreciation in your surroundings, showing kindness towards all things on Earth and taking time to express thanks.

Demonstrating gratitude while in the company of children helps a child learn to live in gratitude. It builds a firm foundation and is a life-skill that will carry them far beyond their wildest dreams.  More importantly, your child will go through life with great purpose stemming from gratitude rather than just existing as part of the ‘norm’.

family_gratitudeThink of all the things in your life that you can express gratitude towards.  Your home or apartment, your friends, your parents, your co-workers, your morning coffee or tea, your senses, your child!  All things, both large and small, have the ability to attract gratitude into your heart.

Let me challenge you.  For the next 7 days, until my next post, I challenge you to create a life of gratitude together with your children and to perform acts of gratitude openly towards all things on Earth in the company of your children.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, aunt, uncle or in the presence of a child – purposefully express gratitude for all to see and hear.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but remember, this challenge is for 7 days so choose wisely ‘grasshopper’.  Strong ‘grasshoppers’ may choose all 4!

1.) Write down or speak of 5 things daily that you are grateful for each night before you turn out the lights.

2.) Inspire one person each day to push through a moment of difficulty.

3.) Explore a new place or idea each day.

4.) Both you and your child share this challenge with a friend.

Do you want to make meaningful change in the world?  Do you hope for your child to be part of the Joy Kids Generation?  This is where it all begins.  With gratitude.  You are a superior world changer when you demonstrate gratitude in the company of a child and when that child brings that attitude of gratitude into the world around them.

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By, Joanne Henig, Co-Founder
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