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A Joyful Universe

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Children are the most precious building blocks for knowing we are all born of pure love. What if an entire generation of children were guided to rediscover, during the early stages of their life, the truth that they are perfectly unique, courageously free and were born to live a life rich in self-love and full of joy?  What if they were also shown the importance of creativity, imagination, and the power of positive thought?  Is it possible that this generation would live a life filled with love, appreciation and compassion simply by using their own, built-in, intuitive compass?

Joy Kids Universe helps to provide a positive foundation that inspires young children to learn to LOVE without judgment, to CREATE without limits, and to LEARN freely and joyfully each day. JKU strives to instill gratitude, compassion and self-love in every child we are fortunate to connect with. The immediate goal is for Joy Kids' children to grow up to live with greater optimisim, clarity and in good health. The long-term goal is that Joy Kids', as adults, begin the process of shifting humanity away from deep-rooted, fear-based living.

Joy Kids Universe is providing a benefit to today's young children through its critically acclaimed book series, "The Joyful Universe of Casey Rose", through other mixed media offerings, and products. We reinforce what all children know from birth but are conditioned to forget, that self-love is the foundation for all things wonderful in their lives. Joy Kids Universe introduces them to the principles and power of positive thinking and solidifies that it is perfectly acceptable to believe in their own innate uniqueness and inner beauty.

Teaching Children Joyful Living

"I just watched your interview and was so impressed by what you are creating. I agree with what you are saying. Love is the answer. The part I loved most is what you said about future generations. If [children] are loved and taught to love others, they will never have to worry about hatred, greed, jealousy and there lives won't be touched by war. What a beautiful world they would have! Keep up the good work. Your spirituality shows in everything you do." - Eileen C. - Holbrook, NY-

"AWESOME! I'm on a machine in the gym tearing up because of your heart, your journey, and what you are doing for children . An enterprise not for the bucks but for the very good spirit that everyone holds inside. I say finger paint all over the place! You are AWESOME and I totally love you !" - Joan F. - Valley Stream, NY

About The Author
Joanne Henig is the product of a dynamic family, is a devoted wife, and the mother of two beautiful children. She is extremely creative and enjoys music, photography, reading and writing. Henig is the founder of Joy Kids Universe, a company supporting a child's essential expressions of self-love.  The simple idea of children candidly sharing joy and unconditional love gave rise to the "The Joyful Universe of Casey Rose" book series and other mixed media offerings. Joanne lives in New York and dreams of a future where all of the world's children will fearlessly love without judgment, create without limits and learn freely and joyfully each and every day. #selflove #sharethejoy #evolution Utopia!

Meet Casey Rose & The Joybug

Meet Casey Rose and The Joybug

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