Let Your Individuality Shine & Own It

My friend Kyra recently shared  a story with me that makes me smile every time I think about it.  We met for a lunch a few months ago once our kids were back in school.  Most of my friends have children and as parents there is always a story or two involved centered around your kids.  In this case it was Mia, her youngest daughter. Mia is a spunky little girl who greets me with a big smile every time I see her.  She is confident, outgoing and somewhat fearless.  She wakes up smiling and loving life.

September is always school picture time at our grade school.  The dreaded school picture with the staged pose and the bland blue or grey background.  There usually isn’t an ounce of creativity or artistic expression involved.  That is, until the photographer met Mia.

Kyra and Mia were discussing what she should wear for picture day and the conversation went something like this.

Kyra: So what are you thinking you’d like to wear for your school picture? Keep in mind you are only going to see from your waist up in the picture.

Mia: Hmm… (Thinking face)

Kyra:  Maybe you could wear a nice bow in your hair.

Mia: A huge smile comes across her face and her eyes light up.  I know!  I’m going to wear my kitty cat ears!

Kyra: Your kitty cat ears? I’m pretty sure she also said something in Spanish under her breath. (Kyra tries to maintain  her composure while pondering how she is going to change Mia’s mind about the cat ears).  How about I make you a nice hair bow with rainbow ribbon? (knowing she loves rainbow colors)

Mia:  Frowns. No I want to wear my kitty cat ears.

Kyra:  You do realize this 3rd grade picture will be in your grade school yearbook for all time.

Mia: Grins, Yep!

Let Your Individuality Shine & Own It

Let Your Individuality Shine & Own It

Most parents like to have a little creative control over what their child wears, especially during the grade school years when it’s a little easier to control.  However, there is something to be said for letting their little lights shine, and you can always say I told you so later.  On a side note, the photographer did ask her if it was okay with her mother for her to wear the kitty cat ears.

I don’t know of a person who hasn’t looked at a past picture of themselves and thought what was I thinking.  This applies to pretty much every picture of me taken during the 80′s.   There are also times you wear something you love and feel confident even though it doesn’t fit a certain norm.  What were your kitty cat ears?  Please share in the comments.

Reprinted with permission by Dawn Pasco of Joyful Scribblings.  Checkout the wonderful content at www.joyfulscribbings.com

Dawn Pasco, Joyful Scribblings

Dawn Pasco, Joyful Scribblings










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